Saturday, 19 March 2011


Auspicious items here r d Traditional ones. Not self created type. Will start off w d Star in recent yrs, Pixiu, a Heavenly animal known for its Money Sucking Power! Very popular w Business people n Punter. Good Pixiu hv Big Mouth n Backside Covered, meaning Money In No Out! Our Collections r of Fine Craftsmanship.

White Stone. 6x2x4.5cm. Price: $68. Ref: AI 1.

Yellow Stone Pixiu. 8.5x2x6.5cm. Price: 128. Ref: AI 2.


Rare Purple-Sand Pixiu. Mouth Closed at Guarding Position. Very Solid Body. Price: $288. Ref: AI 3. 

Unusual Black Wood Pixiu. 1 pair. 27x9x20cm. Price: $1688. Ref: AI 4.


Pixiu King. Limited Edition. Mixed Material. 41x18x31cm. Price: $8888. Ref: AI 5.   

Kirin another Heaven Animal. $ Bringer. Protect. Good for Fertility. Above pair made of Brass n mixed material. SOLD.
Another 1 is Jade made. 9x3x7cm. Price: $128. Ref: AI 6.

Horse means Success n Strength. Purple-Sand w 11 other zodiac animals. Very Artistic. Master Artwork. 37x18x48cm. Price: $2888. Ref: AI 7.

Old Hard Jade Horse. 18x4.2x16.5cm. $388. Ref: AI 8. SOLD.

Goat is Happiness. 3 or 5 Goats together mean Great Happiness n Success. A Goat pairs with a Horse means Smooth Sailing n Great Success. Jade Goat. 6x2x5.5cm. Price: $88. Ref: AI 9. SOLD

Wealth or 3-legged Toad is an ancient Heaven Animal. Popular as a $ Bringer. Purple Sand. 14x8x7cm. Price: $228. Ref: AI 10.

 Rare Purple-Sand Wealth Toad Ashtray. Artistic. 15.5x13x6.8cm. Price: $228. Ref: AI 11.

Unusual Pair of Porcelain Lions to Protect, Guard your house as well to Channel in Good Luck. Unique. 10x7.5x18.5cm. Price: $228. Ref: AI 12.

8 Fairies bring Good Luck n Protect the family. Also help in Fertility. Nice Porcelain Pillow of the old days. 22x13x10cm. Price: $168. Ref: AI 13.

Rare Fat & Chubby Good Class Jade Pixiu (Wealth Bringer). 3.5x1.5x3 cm. Price: $228. Ref: AI 14.

Adventurine KIRIN (Good Luck, Peace, Child Bringer). 4.2x3x6.6cm. Price: $168. Ref: A1 15. 

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