Sunday, 20 March 2011


I'm lucky to have ancestors who loved Jade. Such interest n knowledge pass on. Jade Protects n Brings Good Luck. It Grows with your Energy. Go on to Appreciate. Also see Auspicious Items n Buddha page.

Extremely Rare BLOOD JADE. Particularly this Very Old 1. China. Set with Gold. Price: $3888. Ref: J1.

Old Jade Ring w acceptable minor crack line. China. Excellent Green n Grain or Cloud as in Jade slang. Price: $1000. Ref: J2.

New Burmese Jade Ring w acceptable minor crack line. 5 yrs +.  Potential to Grow. Price: $120. Ref: A3.

Green on White Base Jade Ring. Horse Seat design. Around late Qing dynasty era. Price: $500. Ref: J4.

Jade Pendant w Green n light Purple base. 10 yrs +. China. Growth Potential. Price: $200. Ref: J5.

Light Purple Jade Bangle w acceptable minor crack line. New Design. 20 yrs +. China. Price: $300. Ref: J6. 

Rare Tri-Colour Rooster, Pig n Rat Pendant at $100 each. Green Peach Pendant set in HK at $150. Green Cabbage Pendant set in HK at $120. Jade from China. 20 yrs +. Ref: J7.

Ruyi means As You Wish or Wishes Come True. Brown Jade. 20 yrs +. China. Price: $88 each. Ref: J8.

Green on White Base Burmese Jade Elephant. This animal symbolises Good Luck. Also Protect the family. Stout. 5 yrs +. Price: $688. Ref: J9.

Virgin AA class Burmese Jade. Very Nice. Very Clear w lots of Green Grains. Ideal for Ring n Pendant. Price: $688. Ref: J10.

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