Sunday, 20 March 2011


Plants provide Energy n Beautify d Environment. Also some Plants bring Good Luck. Recently my pal's Iron Tree Blooms! All Plants here r well cared n matched w d Right Pots. Yan can Cook, Cheong can Plant! Come n View at my Corridor Garden. Rest at d Teak wood Bench. Hv some Tea. Hv some Wine. Enjoy.

Durian Tree King of Kings in a Pot! 1 yr. If u hv garden big or small, it might bear fruits some yrs later. Amazing! Price: $168. Ref: P1.

Iron Tree in Greenish Classic Pot. 15mths. Protect n Bring Fortune. Price: $68. Ref: P2. SOLD

 Iron Tree in Classic Chinese Porcelain Pot. Plant 1 yr. Pot 9 yrs. Good Luck n Protect. Price: $78. Ref: P3. SOLD.

'Ginseng' Bonsai style in White Flowery Pot. It's a kind of Banyan tree. 1 yr. Very popular recently. Highlight is the Exposure of the Rugged Stem or Trunk n Roots. Artistic. Price: $48. Ref: P4. SOLD.

Ginseng Bonsai style now in Green Pot. 1yr. Solid Stem n Roots. Artistic Very. Price: $138. Ref: P5. SOLD.

Desert Rose Bonsai style in Blue White Pot. Also called Fortune Flower Plant. 18mths. When it Blooms, Lottery Luck Shines. Highlight to show Stem n Roots. Very popular since d 80s. Price: $48. Ref: P6. SOLD

Giant Desert Rose Bonsai style in Classic Chinese Pot. 2yrs. Highlight as above. Price: $888. Ref: P7. SOLD

Old Desert Rose Bonsai style in Classice Chinese Pot. Plant 25yrs. Pot 2yrs. Highlight as above. Price: $588. Ref: P8.

 Desert Rose Bonsai style in Black Round Pot. 18mths. Highlight as above. Price: $118. Ref: P9. SOLD.

 Desert Rose Bonsai style in Fine Porcelain Pot. 2yrs. Highlight as above. Price: $168. Ref: P10. SOLD.

Desert Rose Bonsai style now in Black Pot. Plant 15mths. Pot 10mths. Highlight as above. Price: $168. Ref: P11. SOLD

Bamboo Plant in Rooster Pot. Plant 15mths. Pot 9 yrs. Bamboo Plant brings Harmony n Peace. When it Blooms, Great Good Luck Comes. Rooster prevents False Romance to the Guy! Price: $188. Ref: P12.

Thai Facai (Get Rich) Tree. Popular since d 80s. Fortune come when it Blooms. Several Plants in Large Pots. From $168 up for each plant. 12yrs up. Ref: P13.

Mandarin Orange Plant in chinese pot. 2 1/2mths. Rare Species. Potential to Grow. Price: $78. Ref: P14.

Not in pic 1 pair 25 years old Conifers Tree in Large Century Egg Pot w Dragon imprint. Will grow to Huge Tree if planted on ground. Price: email your offer. Ref: P15.


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