Sunday, 20 March 2011


Many Unbelievable Stuff here. Still searching for d giant size 2-sided Bruce Lee poster my japanese pal sent me in d 70s. Where did i put it? In d meantime see what i've 4u! Also see Antique, Stamp n $ page.

Burberry Limited Edition Umbrella. 7yrs. Functionable w minor wear/tear. Price: $380. Ref: CT1.

Chung Khiaw Bank Gift. 60s. U can guess what's this bank now. Price: email your offer. Ref: CT2. 

Nokia 1st Generation Handphone w case. Big-Bro-Big. 80s. Run if it Rings. Price: email your offer. Ref: CT3.

Parker Millennium Edition Fountain Pen. Limited set. Very Good Condition. Price: $2000. Ref: CT4.

Happy Koi Fish 8R Photo by Danny. Koi brings Good Luck. 8yrs. Price: email your offer. Ref: CT5.

Bus Tickets n Black & White Photos. Bus Ticket 20-30yrs. Black & White Photos 40yrs up. Photos mostly snapped by Danny n Dad. Captured many local n oversea Bygone Buildings, Scenery, n People. Price: email your offer. Ref: CT6.

1st n Only Autographed Charity Duck. 2002. Signed by Singer Ping Guan. Price: $300. Ref: CT7.

Panda in Chinese Costume 1 pair. Original from the Home of Pandas, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. 2010. Price: $60. Ref: CT8.

Not in Pic the following, please email your offer.

1.    The New Paper, Virgin Issue. Ref: CT 9.
2.    8 Days Magazine, Virgin Issue. Ref CT 10.
3.    'Art in S'pore Today', 1974. Mag for the 25th Annv of the S'pore Art Sty.  Ref: CT 11.
4.    'Lu Kang At 87', 1997. Ref: CT 12.
5.    'Thomas Yeo A Retrospective' by T.K. Sabapathy, 1997. CT 13.
6.    'Passion' by David Gan. 2005. Autographed. CT 14.
7.    'The PAP Story' by Fong Sip Chee. CT 15.

If you love to read, I've many English n Chinese books n magazines as early as the 70s. Let me know the book that you're hunting for, I just might have it! 

80s mus hv Guess Jeans. W28 L98 altered. Grey. Very Good Condition. Price: email your offer. Ref: CT16.

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