Saturday, 19 March 2011


Many people treat Religious items as Art also Collectibles. Sure it too bring Holiness & Good Luck. Please also see Antique, Art, Crystal n Jade page for more selection.

Black Wood Buddha Head from China. 2002. 19x16.5x16cm. Excellent Craftsmanship. Solid. Price: $1888. Ref: B1.

Stone Buddha Head from Vietnam or Cambodia. 2005. 15x12x22cm. Great Skill. Solid. Price: $488. Ref: B2. 

Rare Green Onyx Laughing Buddha from Sri Lanka. early 90s. 10.5x8x16.3cm. Fine Skill. Price: $1188. Ref: B3. 

Solid Jade Laughing Buddha from China. 2007. 10x5x9.3cm. Good Skill. Price: $388. Ref: B4.

Fine Porcelain Laughing Buddha from China. Years unknown. 16x12x19.2cm. Fine Work. Price: $1888. Ref: B5. 

Rare Shou Shan Stone Standing Rev Damo from China. 2007. H 39cm. Solid. Fine Craftsmanship. Price: $2888. Ref: B6. 

Great Pottery of Journey to the West by Master Artist from China. 2003. Avg H 20cm. Masterpiece. Price: $2888. Ref: B7.

Burmese Jadeite Gold Laughing Buddha Big Pendant with Cert. China Olympic Game Medal Design. 2009. Limited Edition worldwide. maybe Only 1 in sg. Fine Jade & Craftsmanship. Price: $4888. Ref: B8.

108 Beads 5-Line Bodhi Rosary from China. 20 yrs with Chanting of the Medicine Buddha Mantra. Ideal to Deal with Illness of the Body n Mind. Act as Protection too. Price: $2000. Ref: B9.

18 Beads Big n Rare Agate Rosary from Chengde China. 2009. Religious n Crystal Power. Price: $600. Ref: B10. 

Thai Monk owned Cover-Face Buddha Pendant. Also known as Fighting Buddha. Years unknown. Good Protection Function. Price: $228. Ref: B11.

Brass or Bronze Singing Bowl. 16.5cm diameter. Originated from India. Popular among Religious People in Nepal n Tibet. Powerful Cleansing, Protection n Mediation Tool. Free 1 session coaching. Price: $388. Ref: B12. 

General Points as above. 22cm diameter. Price $988. Ref B13.

Tmr lunar 2nd mth 19th day is Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin)'s Birthday. I take tis opportunity to present to you  my collection (80s) of some Great Sutra n Mantra. They're all very old publications. Surely out of print. Buddhism says any Publication has its Power. Especially such Old Materials certainly hv d Greatest Power whether for Reading, Chanting or by simply display will Enlighten n Protect. 

Da Bei Zhou. Very Popular n Powerful Mantra of the Goddess of Mercy. Price: $1888 Ref: B14.

Pu Men Oin. Popular Sutra of the Goddess of Mercy. This's Unique Hardcover, Slim n Foil-Out Edition. Very Rare. Price: $3388. Ref: B15. 

The Great Diamond Sutra. Heart Sutra n Da Pei Mantra incorporated. Price: $2288. Ref: B16.

Laughing Buddha Sutra. Rare. Unique, Hardcover, Foil-Out Edition. Price: $2888. Ref: B17.

General Sutra of the Various Buddhas. Rare, Unique, Hardcover, Foil-Out Edition with Case. Price: $2288. Ref: B18.

Sutra of the God of War (Kwan Ti). This book is at least 70 years of age! Price: $1688. Ref: B19.    

Come n See my Buddhism n Related Library. You might just find a Great Classic. Good Day.

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