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Crystal a common word for most stone types. Might be Million Years old. Strong Good Luck n Healing functions. Free 1 session of coaching.  Also see Jade, Auspicious Items n Buddha page.

Rare Large Black Onyx from Indonesia, 70s, with 916 Gold sets in S'pore by HK Master Jeweller in the 80s.
Can be reset to Pendant or Brooch etc. Black Onyx has Strong Protection Power, n provides Support during Difficult Situations. Price: $6888. Ref: C1.

Unique Lotus Shape. Amethyst usually found in Brazil. A popular All-Round stone. Highlight for Harmony & Friendship. Keep Air & Energy in the place Clean n Positive. Heal Lungs, Heart, Insomnia, & Headache issue. Open the Spiritual n Psychic path. Price: $500. Ref C2.

 General Points as above. Natural Piece at $30 each. Ref: C3.

Rare Perfect Condition Point piece at $138 each. General Points as above. Ref: $C4.

Clear Quartz is ancestor to all Crystals. Can act as other colour stones. Powerful stone to avert calamities, n curb negative energy. Inner with White Substance type known as White Phantom is ideal for Personal Development. With Green Substance is Green Phantom, ideal for Business Development. Point at $20 up. Small Cluster at $40. Ref: C5.

Citrine or Yellow Crystal is to Calm n Soothe Distressed Conditions. Aid Digestion. Some people trust it as a Money stone. Here's a Rare Palm size piece. Price: $138. Ref: C6.

 General Points as above. Rare Giant Point. 'Ice-Cream'. Price: $128. Ref: C7.

Adventurine commonly known as Opportunity Stone. Green symbolises with $. Also ideal for Heart n Emotion matters. Some call it the Lottery Luck stone. Price: $288. Ref: C8.

Amazonite the Great Gambling Stone. They believe a Must-Bring stone to every game! Quite similar to the above. It balances Male n Female Energy. Price: $488. Ref: C9. 

Rose Quartz the famous Love n Emotion stone. Good for the Skin too. Ingot at $60. Sphere about meatball size at $100. Prayer Drum $50. Ref: C10. 

Rare Palm size Smiling Face Agate Slice. Protection from nightmare, stress n energy drains. Heal stomach upsets. Price: $168. C11.

Unique Diamond-Cut Large Clear Quartz piece. Ideal for Ring, Pendant or Brooch. Master piece. Price: $300. Ref: C12.  

Double Rainbow Obsidian Ball very Hi-Power. Ideal to face big opening or near main door to remove negative energy & to channel in good energy. Tennis Ball size. Price: $1188. Ref: C13.
No Rainbow, Black Obsidian Ball about the same size $588 up. 

Fluorite also known as Genius Stone. Develop Wisdom, help in Concentration n Decision-Making. Fortifies Bones n Improves any Joint ailments. Rare to find such Natural Stone. Palm Size. Price: $388. Ref: C14.

Star of David Citrine Pendant. Such design believes to create On Going Energy that promotes Harmony, generates Fortune, n aid Healing. Price: $368. Ref: C15.

7 Semi-Precious Stone Chakra Pendant. Help Clear Energy Flow of the Body. Price: $500. Ref: C16.

Very Rare Black Tourmaline Natural Stone. Protect against Smog. Radiation, Psychic Attacks, Spells of Ill Wishes, & all kinds of Negative Energy. Price: $788. Ref: C17.

18 beads Amethyst bracelet. Rosary style. AA grade fm Brazil. Rare. Very Popular 'Ren Yuan' or Friendship Stone. Price: $388. Ref: C18. SOLD.

 15 beads Green Stone bracelet. Nepal. Rare. Green for Wealth & Heart. Price: $188. Ref: C19.

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